Working with David from day one has been a breath of fresh air, being exposed to his ways of working that I had never seen before. His principles on how the body and joints should move, and how the ribcage and pelvis play a key role in this was very new but all made sense the more I done them and worked with David. It's not often you work with someone remotely online and they genuinely care for your progress and development. In terms of my physical progress, I have had long standing Achilles tendon issues and David's work has allowed me to play through a club championship campaign and reduce the pain enough to get me on the pitch by moving better through the foot and elsewhere in the body. David is someone I trust immensely and I am excited by the prospect of working with David in the coming months to prepare my body for long term performance in my sport. 

Richie Donnelly, Tyrone

I believe good mentorship is vital to anyone who is serious about being exceptional at what they do.

After David helped me get out of chronic knee pain I continued to meet with him to pick his brain and learn from him. It’s been one of the best investments in my career. I’ve got a long list of certifications, seminars, and continued education under my belt and I’ve gotta say nothing has been more helpful/applicable in making me a more effective coach (immediately) than learning from him directly. Also, as it turns out, his expertise isn’t limited to human movement/biomechanics. I’ve been able to grow my online presence/business simply by following his direction and guidance. David’s mentorship has truly made me a better coach and businessman!

Tim Riley, Texas

David is the man with the plan! He always clearly outlines the path to recovery and helps me to feel empowered by taking my progression and return to sport into my own hands. I could not recommend him enough and think that elite to recreational athletes could all benefit from a session with him.

Matilda Zarella, Hong Kong

I have made more progress with my recent online consultations with David than I did in over 10 years of other therapies for lingering knee, ankle, and SI joint issues. Right from the start David’s approach has been very different with his detailed injury history and focus on the rib cage. His genuine attitude and broad knowledge base makes him an extremely effective therapist. The gains in movement and activity keep coming. I highly recommend David!

Liz Gudenkauf, Missouri 

I came to David following a catastrophic back injury that required 2 surgeries. I spent months rehabbing myself but was left with a significant limp & weakness to my left leg and it wasn't improving. David assessed me and we decided on a plan of action. I often said he had some magic powers 🤣. Before I started with him I was physically lifting my leg to get out of the car and by the time I was finishing up, I was hopping, running, jumping and even squatting, something I thought I'd never do again. David has a very unique way of helping and a personality to compliment it! I'd whole heartedly recommend David to anyone! Thank you ❤

Una Houlihan, Waterford, Ireland