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 I'm lucky enough to work with people of all abilities from all over the world. 

From every day office workers to professional athletes. 

But regardless of ability or level, one thing that has become very evident is just how poor the majority of people are at

'the basics'.

People have spent years in the gym; going to yoga; working on home-programs. 

They have forked out thousands for physio treatments.

And yet, when I first assess them, we almost always find huge deficits in what I would consider to be the absolute basics of  lower body strength, mobility and control. 


This program is designed to get straight to the point.

There is NO foam rolling, or USELESS stretches that don't actually work.

There is NO strength exercises that are SUPPOSED to help but actually make you feel worse. 


I have programmed exercises that I think every single person in the world should be able to do with ease

(but the majority cannot). 


The 4 Main Objectives of the program:

- Improve the mobility and control of the pelvis, hips and feet

- Improve the strength and coordination of the feet, calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

- Help to reduce pain and reduce risk of injury.

- Prepare you for higher-level activities like running, weight-lifting, playing sport. 


You will be challenged!

You will feel stronger, more stable & more mobile than you have in a long time.


You will need to commit to about 10-20 minutes a day. 

The program can be scaled and include"beginner" & more "advanced" options to suit your level.

Little to no equipment required. 

It should compliment any training that you are already doing and keep you feeling good and  injury free.

Please don't sign up if you are not willing to commit to the program for the next few weeks.


 Cost: €49




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